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Featured Speakers: Roger Ison-Haug, CISO, StormGeo; Mirco Rohr, Director of Solutions Consulting, Mastercard

The impact of DORA and NIS2 on third-party risk management programs is significant. Both regulations require organizations to assess and manage the cybersecurity risks posed by their third-party suppliers and vendors. This means that companies must implement stronger due diligence processes when selecting and monitoring third-party vendors.

To comply with DORA and NIS2, companies must also have a better understanding of their supply chain and the potential risks that could be introduced through third-party relationships. This requires organizations to develop more comprehensive risk management programs that include regular risk assessments, ongoing monitoring, and clear communication with third-party vendors about security requirements.

During this session attendees will:

  • Learn about the ways in which DORA will influence the assessment of third-parties 
  • Examine the potential long-term impacts of NIS2 on the management of third-party risks
  • How DORA can improve collaboration, increase transparency, and provide robust risk management practices