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Use Case: Situational Awareness

Large-scale vulnerabilities and attacks like SolarWinds, Kaseya, and Log4J can quickly wreak havoc within an organization’s digital supply chain.

When faced with such catastrophic potential risk, being able to quickly identify and act on impending exposure is crucial. However, without complete visibility into your third and fourth parties, it’s nearly impossible to triage the risk and protect your organization.

$90M is the median cost of extreme multi-party data breaches, compared to $200k for a typical breach incident.

31 is the median number of organizations impacted during a multiple-party attack.

With RiskRecon quickly detect, isolate, and act on critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Data Search

View and download reports analyzing your IT landscape both inside and outside your firewall including:

  • Technology usage
  • Software versions
  • Issue findings
  • Hosting providers
  • Entity relationships

IT Profile
- Asset Inventory -

Automatically discover, filter, and sort through IT assets within your owned ecosystem to detect risks including:

  • Hosts
    IP, data characteristics, geolocation, issue findings
  • Service Type
    Email, DNS, and more
  • Hosting Type
    Internal, external

Supply Chain

Proactively monitor your organization’s greater supply chain posture through instant discovery and visualization of fourth parties without additional research or permissions.

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