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Use Case: Request for Proposal (RFP)

Selecting the right vendor for your organization is critical. However, conducting full, manual assessments on multiple vendors before a selection is even made can be time-consuming.

And while manual assessments do provide an understanding of the investments a vendor has made in people, processes, and technology to achieve good risk outcomes, they can’t show you how well a vendor implements and operates its risk management program.

50:1 typical ratio reported by third-party risk management programs.

87% of programs report having inadequate staffing.

With RiskRecon automate your vendor assessment process and make faster, more confident vendor selections.

Summary Report

Obtain high-level snapshots and continuous view reporting of supply chain vendors that show:

  • Portfolio overall rating
  • Performance distribution summary
  • Performance breakdown by criticality
  • Recent breach events
  • Largest rating decline
  • Most improved
  • Lowest rated


Compare and contrast potential vendors with side-by-side views of:

  • Overall performance
  • Domain performance


Discover how well growth targets consistently trend including:

  • Over time
    Overall rating, critical issues
  • Past 3 years
    Breach event occurrence and exposure

Let's get started

For third-party risk management program stages:
New/Beginning Mature Advanced
Best-fit RiskRecon license type: Snapshot