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Use Case: Vendor Due Diligence

A lot can happen between vendor assessments, even if they are conducted annually. Data breaches may occur, and critical vulnerabilities in vendor environments could end up going unaddressed.

Without live visibility into your vendor ecosystem, your organization loses precious time to act on cyber threats – potentially compromising your dependent operations and data.

84% of organizations host critical and/or sensitive assets with third parties.

On average, organizations conduct 172 manual vendor assessments a year.

With RiskRecon view vendor cyber performance in real-time to better manage and reduce third-party risk.

Summary Report

Obtain high-level snapshots and continuous view reporting of supply chain vendors that show:

  • Portfolio overall rating
  • Performance distribution summary
  • Performance breakdown by criticality
  • Recent breach events
  • Largest rating decline
  • Most improved
  • Lowest rated


Compare and contrast potential vendors with side-by-side views of:

  • Overall performance
  • Domain performance


Discover how well growth targets consistently trend including:

  • Over time
    Overall rating, critical issues
  • Past 3 years
    Breach event occurrence and exposure

Let's get started

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