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My Cyber Risk

The number of cyberattacks targeting SMBs has grown exponentially in recent years. SMB owners are unaware and unprepared for an attack – which can have significant financial implications on their business.

My Cyber Risk powered by RiskRecon, is a vulnerability scanner enabling small businesses to pinpoint, prioritize and act on cybersecurity threats to their websites/apps.

70% of all cyberattacks target small and medium-sized businesses

51% of small business owners do not have any cybersecurity measures in place 

My Cyber Risk powered by RiskRecon, reduces possibility of financial losses from cyber threats with proactive, advanced cyber risk assessments.

Security Assessments

Evaluate security measures in place to combat risks like malware and ransomware. Other security criteria included in assessments:

  • Email security
  • Breach events
  • Network filtering
  • DNS security
  • System reputation

Infrastructure Assessments

Assess software and hardware system risks, including:

  • Web encryption
  • Application security
  • Software patching
  • System hosting

Impact Analysis

Analyze the impact of each issue uncovered based on its criticality as well as sensitivity of the system where it's identified.

Benefits of My Cyber Risk:

Reduce possible fraud losses Strengthen Customer Trust Enhances security practices
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