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Systemic Risk Assessment

Organizations are being exposed to a broad spectrum of major business disruptors across multiple dimensions. Yet, many organizations lack the visibility to mitigate risks from the disruptors that can severely damage their business.

Mastercard Systemic Risk Assessment powered by Interos, provides a holistic ecosystem view of relationship risk, illuminating an organization’s entire network of business relationships with a living global map of every identified business relationship.

74% of organizations still use manual methods for business relationship risk management

$184M - average annual revenue loss companies face from their business relationships

Systemic Risk Assessment enables you to proactively monitor and assess complex, evolving business risk across multiple dimensions including; catastrophic risk, cyber risk, environmental social governance (ESG) risk, geopolitical risk, financial risk, sanctions/restrictions risks throughout your entire network of business relationships.

Risk Scoring

  • An aggregated organization risk score evaluated across all business relationships
  • A drill down into individual risk dimensions, business partners and customized groups of business partners


  • A detailed view of risk attributes that inform risk scores
  • Configurable alerts that can be set based on risk threshold

Use Cases

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Vendor onboarding
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • ESG

Benefits of SRA:

Reduce financial losses and procurement costs Save time and resources Proactive risk monitoring Secure your reputation
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