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Use Case: Supply Chain Monitoring and Visualization

Catastrophic multi-party breach events show that cyber risk can originate in supply chain layers beyond your immediate third parties.

However, cybersecurity analysts are less likely to know who those supply chain vendors are, let alone receive rights to audit or risk assess them directly – leaving your organization exposed to a potential backdoor supply chain cyberattack.

65% of an organization's assets sit on infrastructure owned by an external entity or supply chain vendor.

Organizations are 3X more likely to have severe issue findings off-prem vs. on-prem.

With RiskRecon extend your visibility and gain insight beyond third parties, without additional approvals or permissions.


Proactively monitors your organization’s greater supply chain posture through instant discovery and visualization of fourth parties.

How It Works

Our deep asset discovery technology analyzes the IT landscape of your greater supply chain to identify technologies, hosting providers, and entity relationships, both inside and outside the firewall.


  • Further reduce overall security risk through fourth-party monitoring
  • Minimize time and effort required to research and understand extended supply chain risk
  • Improve visibility and reporting of security risk throughout the organization

Let's get started

For third-party risk management program stages:
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Best-fit RiskRecon license type: Continuous Monitoring