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Use Case: Third-Party Portfolio Diagnostic & Prioritization

Organizations now largely entrust third parties with their most sensitive data and operational functions. But these additional business relationships increase the scale and complexity of an organization’s extended risk surface, where most cyber threats and risk exposure tend to aggregate.

To help safeguard your digital ecosystem from third-party risk, you need simple, real-time visibility of third-party partners’ cyber performance. Companies lacking this visibility cannot detect potential threats and address them.

84% of organizations host critical and/or sensitive assets with third parties.

35% of organizations have externally hosted assets with high or critical issues/findings.

With RiskRecon discover and monitor third-party risk and quickly act on the threats that would have the highest potential to damage your organization.

Summary Report

Obtain high-level snapshots and continuous view reporting of supply chain vendors that show:

  • Portfolio overall rating
  • Performance distribution summary
  • Performance breakdown by criticality
  • Recent breach events
  • Largest rating decline
  • Most improved
  • Lowest rated

Risk Priority Matrix
- Risk Prioritization -

Automatically view prioritized (high-medium – low) third-party findings based on issue severity and value at risk, including the magnitude of impact if system is compromised.

Vendor Action Plans

Provide third parties with risk-prioritized action plans that guide them in addressing tactical and systemic risk.

Plus, track remediation processes directly within the RiskRecon vendor portal, at no cost and without time restrictions to your third-party vendors.

Let's get started

For third-party risk management program stages:
New/Beginning Mature Advanced
Best-fit RiskRecon license type: Discover - Continuous Monitoring