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Use Case: Own Enterprise & Subsidiary Monitoring

An organization’s internet surface area is often larger and more complex than it may seem – which makes things difficult when a third-party vendor wants to know more about that organization’s cybersecurity rating and performance.

Without a complete picture of their own risk surface, organizations are severely disadvantaged in the event of a data breach, and face losing both potential and existing business deals, vendors, or partners.

57% of organizations have internet assets/hosts in multiple countries.

6% of which are spread across 10 or more countries.

With RiskRecon you can better manage your digital ecosystem, detect risks, and understand how businesses view your cyber hygiene.

Summary Report

Obtain high-level snapshots of potential vendors including:

  • Performance distribution summary
  • Performance breakdown by criticality
  • Recent breach events

IT Profile

Automatically discover, filter, and sort through IT assets within your owned ecosystem to detect risks including:

  • Hosts
    IP, data characteristics, geolocation, issue findings
  • Service Type
    Email, DNS, and more
  • Hosting Type
    Internal, external

Data Search

Explore, sort, and filter through asset and host information including:

  • Software versions
  • Issue findings
  • Hosting providers

Let's get started

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