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Use Case: Advanced Assessment Planning

Many organizations and third-party risk management (TPRM) programs build their reassessment plans based on the apparent risk of each vendor relationship.

This means many programs use precious resources to assess the same inherently high-risk vendors annually, many of whom have effective controls, rather than focusing their attention on vendors with fewer controls in place.

1 in 3 TPRM programs assess 100+ vendors per year.

87% of programs report having inadequate staffing. 

With RiskRecon build an assessment plan based on both residual risk and control effectiveness to address risk more efficiently.

Trend Reporting

Discover how well growth targets consistently trend including:

  • Over time
    Overall rating, critical issues
  • Past 3 years
    Breach event occurrence and exposure

Control Effectiveness

Gain deeper understanding of the effectiveness of the security controls in place through the analysis of objective data.


Compare and contrast vendor performance against your competitors and overall industry with side-by-side views of:

  • Overall performance
  • Domain performance

Let's get started

For third-party risk management program stages:
New/Beginning Mature Advanced
Best-fit RiskRecon license type: Continuous Monitoring