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Use Case: Vendor Onboarding

A nonexistent or unorganized third-party onboarding process can immediately establish a poor working relationship with vendors, decreasing their engagement and leading to reduced cyber risk visibility.

This friction can also decrease a vendor’s willingness to adhere to contractual performance standards and support the remediation of cyber risk.

Only 14% of organizations are confident that vendor security postures meet their requirements.

Yet, 81% of organizations say they rarely require vendors to remediate findings.

With RiskRecon streamline your onboarding process, increase third-party visibility, and improve vendor engagement.

Summary Report

Obtain high-level snapshots and continuous view reporting of supply chain vendors that show:

  • Portfolio overall rating
  • Performance distribution summary
  • Performance breakdown by criticality
  • Recent breach events
  • Largest rating decline
  • Most improved
  • Lowest rated


Discover how well growth targets consistently trend including:

  • Over time
    Overall rating, critical issues
  • Past 3 years
    Breach event occurrence and exposure

Vendor Action Plans

Provide third parties with risk-prioritized action plans that guide them in addressing tactical and systemic risk.

Plus, track remediation processes directly within the RiskRecon vendor portal, at no cost and without time restrictions to your third-party vendors.

Let's get started

For third-party risk management program stages:
New/Beginning Mature Advanced
Best-fit RiskRecon license type: Discover - Snapshot - Continuous Monitoring