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Supply Chain

Leverage RiskRecon’s powerful technology to gain visibility beyond third-party risk


Gain Greater Clarity of Supply Chain Risk

Proactively monitor your organization’s greater supply chain posture through automatic discovery and visualization of fourth-party vendors.


Automatically pinpoint and prioritize extended supply chain risk

The interconnectivity of different third- and fourth-party relationships is often difficult to visualize and address. However, with RiskRecon, you’ll gain a streamlined understanding of your organization’s supply chain environment including 4th-party software dimensions, hosting providers, and other relationships, enabling you to address critical issues faster.

Supply chain

Minimize effort required to research and understand supply chain risk

RiskRecon’s supply chain visualizer leverages two sources of data to map out supply chain relationships. The first is directly observed data found on internet-facing systems providing evidence of hosting providers and software utilized by a company. The second is indirectly inferred through a range of sources such as partnership announcements, job postings, product documentation, and more.


Improve visibility and reporting of security risk throughout the organization

RiskRecon’s supply chain visibility and insight make it easier to identify potential access points for attackers and helps you develop and communicate cyberattack control and mitigation plans to the Board and Executive Team.

“RiskRecon gives us the ability to operationalize scoring across geo-specific industry requirements. This enables continuous vendor monitoring across thousands of third parties worldwide.”
– Global Fortune 1000 Bank
“The accuracy of RiskRecon's data lets us risk-prioritize the action we take to reduce risk across the categories that matter.”
– Large life insurance company
“RiskRecon helps maximize our efficiency with continuous, automated vendor assessment and tracking.”
– National healthcare organization
“With RiskRecon, we know our own cyber risk posture, and the cyber health of our third and fourth-parties with the context we need to act on that risk.”
– Global energy sector organization

Learn how RiskRecon's Supply Chain visualizer can help you reduce 4th-party cyber risk. 

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