Mergers & Acquisitions

Leverage RiskRecon’s powerful software to mitigate risk during the M&A process.


Gain an objective understanding of any company’s IT environment and security risk

Know exactly what you’re acquiring. RiskRecon delivers objectively gathered information about any company’s information security program. You’ll gain full knowledge of the environment and risks of an acquisition beforehand, enabling you to establish merger costs and potential liabilities with the Board and enter into the M&A process with greater peace of mind.
Instantly understand

Use cyber risk rating information to understand the acquisition's IT environment

It’s difficult to conduct due diligence into an organization’s IT landscape while remaining both confidential and objective. However, with RiskRecon, you’ll gain a deep understanding of a company’s internet-facing IT infrastructure, from systems and hosting providers to the geolocation of systems. Our unique cyber risk rating even provides insight into the software the systems are using.

Inventory Digital Systems

Know how well your acquisition is inventorying and managing digital systems

You can’t protect something if you don’t know it exists. Compare the acquisition's asset inventory with systems discovered through RiskRecon’s proprietary method and know precisely how well they’ve been tracking their digital systems.

Assess Security Posture

Objectively assess the acquisition’s information security posture

RiskRecon will assess the security risk of internet-facing systems across multiple security domains spanning 41 security criteria, giving you visibility into areas such as software patching, web encryption, email security, and so forth.

“RiskRecon gives us the ability to operationalize scoring across geo-specific industry requirements. This enables continuous vendor monitoring across thousands of third parties worldwide.”
– Global Fortune 1000 Bank
“The accuracy of RiskRecon's data lets us risk-prioritize the action we take to reduce risk across the categories that matter.”
– Large life insurance company
“RiskRecon helps maximize our efficiency with continuous, automated vendor assessment and tracking.”
– National healthcare organization
“With RiskRecon, we know our own cyber risk posture, and the cyber health of our third and fourth-parties with the context we need to act on that risk.”
– Global energy sector organization

Learn how RiskRecon cybersecurity ratings can help scale your third-party risk.

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