In today's interconnected business landscape, organizations heavily rely on third-party vendors, suppliers, and partners. While these collaborations offer numerous benefits, they also introduce potential risks and vulnerabilities that need to be proactively managed.

In this CPE webinar, our panel of experts will delve into the latest strategies, tools, and techniques empowered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can revolutionize your organization's approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating third-party risks. Attendees will gain valuable insights into leveraging targeted Risk Intelligence, enhanced by AI, to drive effective TPRM. Join us to gain an understanding of

  • The concept of targeted Risk Intelligence and explore how AI can amplify its application in enhancing TPRM.
  • Potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with third-party engagements through the integration of AI-driven risk assessment methodologies.
  • Practical strategies for mitigating third-party risks by harnessing the power of targeted Risk Intelligence complemented by AI capabilities.
  • The transformative potential of automation, analytics, and AI in streamlining risk assessment processes, empowering data-driven decision-making, and ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of your TPRM practices.