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Automated risk assessments tuned to match your risk appetite

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The State of Third-Party Risk Management 2020

Download this new report to learn about the current challenges, strategies, and success metrics that are driving third-party risk management programs. 

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Automation tuned to match your risk appetite

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RiskRecon makes it easy to gain deep, risk contextualized insight into the cybersecurity risk performance of all of your third parties. Simply give us the names of the companies you want to assess and we’ll give you deep, continuous risk insight spanning 11 security domains and 41 security criteria.

RiskRecon assessments are custom-fitted to match your risk appetite, focusing your analysts and your vendors on the issues that matter most to you. This capability is built on RiskRecon’s core proprietary differentiation – our ability to automatically risk prioritize issues based on issue severity and the system value at risk.

With RiskRecon’s assessment automation and advanced workflow capabilities, you will have the transparency and tools necessary to make risk decisions and take action at the speed of business.


Maximize Efficiency

RiskRecon provides risk assessment automation that streamlines every stage of your vendor cyber risk management process. Select new vendors faster. Prioritize your third-party assessments based on RiskRecon-rated vendor performance. Focus your vendor assessments on areas where you know they violate your risk requirements. Enable your vendors to understand and address issues faster.

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Minimize Risk

RiskRecon gives you the deep, continuous risk insight necessary to rapidly understand and act on your risks. Point RiskRecon at any enterprise, and RiskRecon returns to you deep risk assessment spanning 11 security domains and 41 security criteria – software patching, network filtering, ip reputation, web encryption, application security, and more. All fully risk contextualized and tuned to match your risk appetite.

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Leading RiskRecon use cases


Third-Party Risk Management

Get the intimate risk performance assessments you need to efficiently manage your third-party risk. RiskRecon’s deep transparency and risk contextualized insights enable you to understand the risk performance of each vendor. RiskRecon’s workflow enables you to easily engage your vendors to realize good risk outcomes.

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Enterprise Risk Management

RiskRecon knows a lot about your systems. Know what RiskRecon knows. Get continuous objective visibility of your entire internet risk surface, spanning managed, shadow and forgotten IT. See the intimate details of every system – the detailed IT profile and security configuration. We’ll even show you the data types at risk in every system.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Don’t acquire someone else’s problems. Enter into the M&A process with full, in-depth visibility into your new company’s security posture. RiskRecon will give you continuous visibility into your target acquisition organization's ability to mitigate cyber risk, that's accurate and quantifiable. Make an informed business decision with risk-contextualized data from RiskRecon.

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Starts With a Name

Starting with company name and domain name, RiskRecon analysts build a core profile of the company from which the RiskRecon analyst-guided algorithms expand to discover the company’s internet-facing assets—systems, networks, and domains. The core profile includes all subsidiaries of the company to ensure completeness.

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Asset Profile Architecture

Next, we build a detailed profile of every asset discovered. This asset profile provides you with an intimate understanding of how the organization has constructed their business computing architecture.

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Analyze Security Criteria

Then, we analyze every company and its systems against 41 security criteria spanning 11 security domains.

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Asset Value Analysis

After that, we provide an asset value analysis, which can be custom-tuned to emphasize the issues that matter to you and deemphasizes the issues that don’t. We use our Risk Priority Matrix to visualize risk, showing asset value on the Y axis and issue severity on the X axis.

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RiskRecon Rating

Finally, RiskRecon distills the complexity of the assessed criteria into a simple RiskRecon rating using a scale of 0-10.

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Profile Complete

That’s it! That’s all it takes to gain a continuous assessment of any company’s information security risk performance.

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  • Data Accuracy
  • Customized
  • Workflow
Our Core Differentiators

Data Accuracy

RiskRecon’s asset attribution is independently certified to 99.1% accuracy. And we don’t hide any of the assessment details. It’s all visible to you and your vendors at no additional fee. Action requires accuracy and transparency. RiskRecon provides you both.

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Our Core Differentiators


Every RiskRecon assessment is custom fitted to match your risk appetite, enabling you to focus on the issues that matter to you. This is built on our capability to automatically determine the value at risk for every system based on the data types the system collects and the system functionality.

Our Core Differentiators


RiskRecon has the leading workflow capabilities that enable you to easily understand risk. RiskRecon automatically produces vendor risk action plans that contain only the issues you care about. And RiskRecon’s collaboration workflow makes it easy for you to share action plans with your vendors. RiskRecon even automatically tracks and reports each vendor’s progress in addressing their action plan issues.


The State of Third-Party Risk Management 2020

Download this exclusive report to learn about the current challenges, strategies, and success metrics that are driving third-party risk management programs. 

Download the Report

Microsoft 365 Assessment Toolkit

This new playbook & ready-to-use questionnaire provides you with the knowledge and resources to objectively assess the security quality of any third-party Microsoft 365 Enterprise deployment.

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Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Market Outlook, 2020 And Beyond

Read this new report from Forrester to learn how cybersecurity risk ratings improve operational efficiency, enhance board communication for cyber risk posture for CISO's and apply automation to objective assessments for third-party teams.

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