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In partnership with OneTrust, leverage RiskRecon’s powerful insights to better manage and reduce third-party cyber risk.

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RiskRecon’s technology proactively monitors the cyber environments of your third-party service providers to identify and prioritize cyber threats to your organization. It provides:

  • Aggregated cyber risk rating for every third-party service provider and vendor assessed
  • Alerts on issues exceeding risk thresholds
  • Downloadable detailed reports on all uncovered vulnerabilities
  • Benchmarking of third-party service providers and vendors against standardized compliance frameworks and amongst one another
  • Actionable risk plans that can be easily shared with third-party service providers and vendors using the collaboration portal

RiskRecon combines the criteria ratings to calculate the domain ratings, and then combines the security domain ratings to calculate the overall rating. As was done for determining issue weights, RiskRecon determined weights for security criteria and domains based on the combinations that mapped to banks rating well and universities rating poorly. Learn More

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Overview-Fullscreen-April-2021What can you expect from your 30-day access?

  • Security ratings for 50 vendors in your ecosystem 

  • A RiskRecon report of your own organization
  • Risk prioritized security findings via RiskRecon's unique Risk Priority Matrix
  • A quick start guide to assist with your on-boarding and full access to our expert Solutions Consulting team

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