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RiskRecon Threat Protection

The RiskRecon threat protection platform delivers a simple and effective way to mitigate a wide array of cyber attacks (DDoS, Bot, Web application) to keep your organizations’ assets safe on an application and network level.

Plus, you can combine the services to suit your needs and they can all be monitored in real-time via a cloud-based portal. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about hardware or large upfront investments.

83% of organizations had more than one data breach in 2022

84% of all cyber incidents involved servers in 2022 (56% web application servers, and 28% mail servers)

RiskRecon Threat Protection swiftly mitigates DDoS attacks and safeguards web applications.

DDoS Protection

Redirect internet traffic to continue operating when attacks attempt to force systems offline.

Bot Protection

Our Threat Protection Centers (TPCs) clean traffic, removing bad traffic at network and application layers.

Web Application Firewall

Combat common web application attacks and vulnerability exploit attempts, to stop malware infection.

Benefits of RiskRecon Threat Protection:

Cloud-based DDos Protection Secure Web Facing Applications
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