Recorded Webinar: Stop Hemorrhaging Data - Minimize Third-Party Risk in Healthcare

Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2020  
Speakers: Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer, H-ISAC
Jonathan Ehret, VP of Strategy & Risk, RiskRecon

hisac webinar sept 2020

As the world adjusts to a new way of thinking, no industry has been affected more than healthcare. Hospitals and labs are being asked to onboard new vendors to keep up with the demand while also increasing their reliance on cloud environments.

This shift in the supplier landscape is forcing healthcare companies to rapidly adapt to new ways of managing third-party risk while prioritizing patient care and safety. The more accurately and efficiently healthcare companies can limit their exposure to third- and fourth-party cyber risks, the better their risk outcomes will be overtime.

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Watch this recorded webinar as experts from RiskRecon and H-ISAC will discuss:

  • The current state of healthcare third-party cybersecurity
  • Key insights from H-ISAC leadership and membership
  • A real-world use case of a large pharma company applying a data-driven approach to their TPRM program, reducing their third-party risk dramatically
  • The importance of continuous monitoring within a TPRM program and monitoring your own organization’s cyber posture.

Watch the Recording