Resources for Managing Ransomware in the Supply Chain

Helpful videos, articles, and reports around how you can protect your firm from third-party ransomware threats.


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New Report

Five Lessons Learned from Over 1000 Ransomware Attacks

In this white paper, our research team breaks down five important insights for better managing supply chain ransomware risk based on an analysis of over 1000 publicly disclosed ransomware events.

RiskRecon Reports

White Paper

Change in Firms Cybersecurity Hygiene One Year After Ransomware Attack

In this study, we set out to determine if companies who have experienced a destructive ransomware event observably improve their cybersecurity hygiene. We answer that question by comparing the cybersecurity state of 181 victims of ransomware attacks on the day ransomware was detonated in their environment with their cybersecurity state one year later.


Analyzing the Cybersecurity Hygiene of Ransomware Victims

RiskRecon has studied the cybersecurity hygiene of companies at the time of the detonation of the ransomware in their organization using the RiskRecon cybersecurity ratings platform. To date, RiskRecon has studied a total of 993 public-reported destructive ransomware events occurring between January 2016 and October 2022.

White Paper

Predicting Ransomware Event Frequency with RiskRecon Cybersecurity Ratings and Insights

Read this new report, refreshed in November 2021 that now includes data from more than 600 ransomware events, that examines how RiskRecon’s cybersecurity rating model strongly predicts the breach event frequency from companies in different rating tiers.

RiskRecon Videos


Securing the Supply Chain from Ransomware Threats

Watch this webinar as Kelly White, founder of RiskRecon, and Jon Ehret, VP of Strategy & Risk at RiskRecon, dive into the current state of supply chain risk using exclusive data that correlates cyber security posture to ransomware attacks. Our team will walk through the best practices for identifying where ransomware attacks are coming from and how to keep your business safe from threats.

RiskRecon Blogs


Ransomware is Being Detonated Seven Days a Week

Based on an analysis of over 600 publicly reported ransomware events, RiskRecon has discovered that criminals are detonating ransomware at targeted organizations seven days a week, leaving no time for enterprises to shore up their security operations.


Ransomware Lesson 1: Use suppliers with good cybersecurity hygiene

I once heard an advertisement for a car wash in which the company claimed that cars that are washed weekly last something like 30% longer than cars that are not cleaned regularly. On the surface, this seemed ridiculous, as there is no material link between the cleanliness of a vehicle and its useful life. I soon had the elementary ah-ha moment that people who wash their car frequently are much more likely to do regular maintenance.

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