Mastercard Systemic Risk Assessment

Mastercard Systemic Risk Assessment (SRA) powered by Interos offers a comprehensive understanding of relationship risk. It sheds light on an organization's entire network of business relationships, showcasing a dynamic global map of every identified connection.

SRA Dashboard

Mastercard Systemic Risk Assessment enables you to proactively monitor and assess complex, evolving business risk across multiple dimensions including; catastrophic risk, cyber risk, environmental social governance (ESG) risk, geopolitical risk, financial risk, sanctions/restrictions risks throughout your entire network of business relationships.

Benefits of SRA:

  • Gain greater control, adaptability, resiliency with continuous, proactive risk monitoring
  • Protect reputation and competitive position with improved operational visibility and speedy response
  • Uncover synergies and opportunities in your business relationships
  • Reduce financial losses from threats associated with business partners with solvency issues
  • Reduce procurement costs and vendor costs from establishing, monitoring and/or switching partners
  • Save time and resources with a holistic view of risk in one solution

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