Mastercard Onboard Risk Check

Onboard Risk Check (ORC) powered by RiskRecon provides a centralized and comprehensive view of potential merchant risk, enabling faster, more efficient, and informed merchant onboarding decisions.


Merchant onboarding is challenging due to limited visibility into accurate risk information and time-consuming in-house solutions. 

Features of ORC:

  • Robust IT profile encompassing all internet-facing systems and merchant hosting details (host provider name, location and number of systems being hosted)
  • Benchmarking of merchant risk against standardized compliance frameworks
  • Downloadable detailed reports on all uncovered vulnerabilities
  • Actionable risk plans with high-level remediation suggestions easily shared with merchants for relationship management

Benefits of ORC:

  • Reduce financial loss from risky merchants
  • Reduce onboarding decisioning time and merchant attrition
  • Reduce onboarding costs, resources and inefficiencies
  • Increase underwriting accuracy

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