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Exclusive Study: The Fallout from the Largest Multi-Party Cyber Incidents

Iris-Tsunami-ThumbIn this report, we identified 50 of the largest multi-party cyber incidents over the past several years in an effort to understand their causes and consequences from beginning to end. The goal of our research was to understand who was behind the incident, what happened, how the after-effects propagated through the supply chain, and the financial losses for all parties involved.

The study contains many interesting insights, including:

  • The median cost of these 50 extreme multi-party events stands at a whopping $90M. To put that in perspective, the typical incident runs a comparably measly $200K.

  • System intrusions were by far the most common type of incident, and they also impacted the largest number (57%) of downstream organizations.

  • Cracked and stolen credentials were the most common (50% of incidents) and costly (68% of losses) initial access technique.

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