New Report: Internet Risk Surface in the Finance Sector

Benchmarking digital risk factors facing financial service firms

Report Overview


Risk management is the foundation upon which financial institutions are built. Recognizing risk in all its forms is critical to success. But has every firm achieved that goal? It doesn’t take in-depth research beyond the myriad of breach headlines to answer that question.

But many important questions remain: What are the key dimensions of the financial sector Internet risk surface? How does that surface compare to other sectors? Which specific industries within Financial Services appear to be managing that risk better than others? We take up these questions and more in this report.

Key findings include: 

  • The rate of severe findings in cloud-based assets is 3.5x higher than on-prem assets
  • Credit unions have the highest rate of critical exposures among Banking Institutions
  • The rate of severe findings in the smallest commercial banks is 4x higher than that of the largest banks

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