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Report Overview

Accuracy counts when assessing the risk third and fourth parties introduce into every enterprise organization. Without it, organizations are blind to where they are vulnerable.

Reducing that risk across the ecosystem of vendors you do business with is challenging when False Positives are present - and RiskRecon proves that it is providing the highest level of accuracy possible for customers. 

RiskRecon engaged Stratum Security (Stratum) to conduct a False Positive Review of the RiskRecon platform, to understand the accuracy of the platform’s ability to associate domains to companies. RiskRecon's platform assesses the security posture of third parties for the largest organizations where accuracy is critical in making the best risk decisions.

Stratum randomly selected companies for the review, forcing companies of specific sizes in some cases to ensure a good representative sample was obtained. The result was a 98.5% accuracy rate. 

For more information on the data accuracy certification, please download the complimentary copy of the report.