Example of a vendor risk assessment from RiskRecon

Obtain on-demand assessments of any organization's security practices.

Example of a vendor risk assessment from RiskRecon

RiskRecon enables you to control third party risk by providing vendor security assessments that are comprehensive, actionable and available on demand.

We can evaluate the security program of any organization -- SaaS, outsourcer or an in-house provider.

Establish a base level of trust

You can never identify with 100% certainty every third-party-related security exposure. However, with RiskRecon you will obtain a verifiable assessment of each third party’s security practices. You can then establish a base level of trust and identify specific areas for further discussion and investigation.


  • Receive an actionable risk recommendation for each vendor
  • Pinpoint potential exposures and root causes for 50+ security criteria
  • Benchmark among your vendors and compare to industry best practices
  • Track historical trends for your overall portfolio and each individual provider


  • Confirm that vendors are adhering to their own documented practices
  • Verify vendor progress against corrective action plans
  • Highlight exposures for board and executive management
  • Demonstrate risk control quality to regulators and standards bodies


  • Prioritize efforts based on vendor rating and identified gaps
  • Proactively identify common exposures throughout your vendor portfolio
  • Accelerate the evaluation of new (and potential) vendors
  • Optimize use of analysts time and outside auditor resources

We can help you control third party risk.

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