Can you assess the security program of any vendor simply by looking at its Internet presence?

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RiskRecon's online cyber risk management dashboard

Control Your Third Party Risk

RiskRecon's online cyber risk management dashboard RiskRecon provides vendor security program assessments that are: Comprehensive. Actionable. and On-demand.

Clients trust us to measure security program quality, improve productivity, and ensure accountability among all stakeholders.

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Customer Impact

RIskRecon provides you objective and verifiable analyses of any company's security practices. For each third party, establish a base level of trust and pinpoint areas for further investigation.
Measurement. Accountability. Productivity.

Breakthrough Solutions

RIskRecon's patent-pending technology enables you to monitor the security performance of third parties and business associates based on their Internet presence. Enable a continuous risk control process.
No permissions needed. No hacking.

Our Story

RiskRecon founders are infosec practitioners who sought innovative ways to adapt to the new IT landscape. They needed new methods to measure risk among their ever growing number of IT vendors and SaaS apps.
Created by infosec execs for their peers.

We empower you to scale your risk assessment process.

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