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3rd party risk management

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Accurate, actionable security assessments and insights

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Gain objective insight into your third-party security performance and IT landscape

  • Deep IT asset discovery spanning third and fourth parties
  • Detailed asset profiling - systems, software, hosting providers and geo-locations
  • Security control performance across 35+ criteria spanning 10 domains
Infographic of vendor portfolio ratings and security domain rating

Allocate risk resources to where they are needed most - high value, low performing vendors

  • Vendor performance ratings
  • Historical trends
  • Customizable alerting
  • Industry and peer benchmarking
Infographic of a vendor portfolio risk performance matrix

Engage vendors with accurate, actionable security performance insights and corrective actions

  • Focus assessments on areas of weakness
  • Rapidly identify and address current security issues
  • Facilitate effective root cause analysis
An image detailing software patching

Continuously monitor vendor security performance

  • Monitor security performance trends
  • Alert on changes in security performance
  • Automatically track issue resolution
An image detailing the recon & domain ratings

Continuously collaborate with your vendors on security performance

  • Give your vendors access to their own RiskRecon assessment
  • No vendor access time limits
  • No additional fees
Graphic demonstrating the use of RiskRecon to collaborate globally

Deep Transparency

  • Complete IT profile and asset maps of company-managed and outsourced systems
  • Deep security assessment of 35+ security criteria spanning 10 security domains
  • Complete "drill down" into all supporting evidence and performance metrics

Accurate Information

  • >98% of assessment data sourced by RiskRecon proprietary algorithms
  • False positive rate less than 0.5%
  • Engineered accuracy based on analyst-guided machine learning algorithms

Actionable Insights

  • Security performance ratings
  • Current and historical performance trends
  • Operational security performance metrics
  • Industry and peer performance benchmarking
  • Detailed IT and security findings at host and IP-level

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