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Solve Your Third-Party Cyber Risk at Scale.
Instantly Understand and Rapidly Act on Your Organization’s Third-Party Risk
A Leader in Cybersecurity Risk Ratings

RiskRecon, has been ranked as a leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Rating Solutions, Q4 2018. Get your complimentary report!

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Deep Assessment

Deep Assessment

Continuously monitor the vendor cybersecurity performance of your vendors across 39 security criteria spanning 10 security domains.

  • Simple rating scale
  • Detailed evidence
  • Accurate assessment
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Risk Prioritized

Risk Prioritized

RiskRecon risk prioritizes every issue based on issue severity and asset value, enabling you to easily determine risk priority and needed action. We don't hand you a mess of issues and leave you to sort through them. Instead, our results are organized and ranked, so you can maximize your risk remediation efforts.

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Custom Tuned to Match Your Risk Policy

Custom Tuned to Match Your Risk Policy

Automatically produce third-party cyber risk assessments and action plans that are custom-fitted to match your unique risk appetite. Not worried about spamming issues? Only concerned about web encryption issues for systems transmitting sensitive data? No problem—just tune RiskRecon to match your policy.

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Good risk decisions require reliable information.
RiskRecon gives you accurate visibility into the cyber landscape of all your vendors.

  • Complete company transparency
  • Accurate system attribution
  • Frequent refresh
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